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Edilceram s.r.l. is an Italian-based multi-brands retail company dealing with made-in-Italy design brands (mainly tiles & coverings and bath design manufacturers, but also furnishing brands more in general), that is able to supply a one-stop supply service and door delivery all over the world.

Our core business is about bath ambiance furnishing and the cladding & flooring retailing.

ABK Logo | Edilceram Design ABK - ceramiche, pavimenti e rivestimenti Agape Logo | Edilceram Deisng Agape: Eccellenza nel Design Made in Italy Adriani e Rossi Logo | Edilceram Design Adriani e Rossi: Eleganza tra Illuminotecnica e Arredamento Antonio Lupi Logo | Edilceram Design Antonio Lupi - Il design ideale per il tuo bagno ArtCeram Logo | Edilceram Design ArtCeram: Creatività e Qualità nel Design dei Sanitari Artemide Logo | Edilceram Design Artemide: Illuminazione Innovativa di Design per Ambienti Unici Ashton Bentley Logo | Edilceram Design Ashton & Bentley: Eleganza nel Design di Vasche da Bagno e Lavabi Boffi Logo | Edilceram Design Boffi: Eleganza senza tempo Bongio Logo | Edilceram Design Bongio: Rubinetteria di Design dove l'Eleganza Colpisce l'Acqua Brem Logo | Edilceram Design Brem: Termoarredo di design per un ambiente domestico all'avanguardia Cea Logo | Edilceram Design Cea Design - L'Arte e la Funzionalità della rubinetteria Ceramica Cielo Logo | Edilceram Design Ceramica Cielo - L'armonia dei materiali per il bagno Cosmic Logo | Edilceram Design Cosmic: Accessori creativi per il tuo bagno Cristina Rubinetteria Logo | Edilceram Design Cristina Rubinetterie: Soluzioni di stile ed eleganza per il tuo bagno Daniel Rubinetterie Logo | Edilceram Design Daniel Rubinetteria: l'arte del made in italy Devon&Devon Logo | Edilceram Design Devon&Devon: Soluzioni di Lusso per il tuo Bagno Duravit Logo | Edilceram Design Duravit: Scopri Sanitari, Lavabi e Accessori Innovativi Elica Logo | Edilceram Design Elica: Innovazione e Stile nell'Aspirazione per la Tua Cucina Emil Ceramica Logo | Edilceram Design Emil Ceramica: Eleva l'estetica della tua casa con Superfici di Eccellenza Ergon Ceramica | Edilceram Design Ergon Ceramica: Arte estetica delle Superfici Faber Logo | Edilceram Design Faber: Cappe per una cucina perfetta Falmec Logo | Edilceram Design Falmec: Eccellenza tecnologica nell'aspirazione per la tua Cucina Falper Logo | Edilceram Design Falper: Avanguardia e Stile per il tuo Bagno Fantini Logo | Edilceram Design Fantini: Rubinetteria di alta qualità per Bagno e Cucina Fima Carlo Frattini Logo | Edilceram Design Fima Carlo Frattini: L'arredo bagno attraverso rubinetteria e accessori Fiora Logo | Edilceram Design Fiora: Piatti doccia tra lusso e qualità Flaminia Logo | Edilceram Design Flaminia Ceramica: Rubinetti e Sanitari per un Bagno dallo Stile Inconfondibile Flaviker Logo | Edilceram Design Flaviker: superfici in ceramica per un ambiente unico Flos Logo | Edilceram Design Flos: Illuminazione di Prestigio per Ambienti Unici FMG Logo | Edilceram Design FMG: Pavimenti e Rivestimenti di Qualità Gessi logo | Edilceram Design Gessi: l'eccellenza italiana nella rubinetteria di prestigio Glass Design Logo | Edilceram Design Glass Design - Il Bagno Trasformato in un Opera d'Arte Graff Logo | Edilceram Design Graff: Design e eleganza per il Bagno senza confini Gsi Logo | Edilceram Design GSi Ceramica: Innovazione e Stile nei Sanitari per il Bagno Hafro logo | Edilceram Design Hafro Geromin: trasforma il tuo bagno in un viaggio di relax persoanlizzato Hansgrohe Logo | Edilceram Design Hansgrohe: Design Tedesco per Rubinetteria di Eccellenza Irsap Logo | Edilceram Design Irsap: Termoarredo di Design per Ambienti Accoglienti e Stilosi Jacuzzi logo | Edilceram Design Jacuzzi: vasche idromassaggio per il Massimo del Benessere e del Lusso nel Tuo Bagno Jika Logo | Edilceram Design Jika: Sanitari di Eccellenza per Ambienti Esclusivi Kios Logo | Edilceram Design Kios: Modernità nell'arredo bagno KWC Logo | Edilceram Design KWC: Rubinetteria di Eccellenza per la Tua Casa Laufen Logo | Edilceram Design Laufen: Esplora il Mondo dell'Eccellenza nei Sanitari e nei Lavabi Lefroy Brooks Logo | Edilceram Design Lefroy Brooks: Rubinetteria senza Tempo per il Tuo Bagno Lineabeta Logo | Edilceram Design Lineabeta: Design Contemporaneo per il Tuo Bagno Mastella Design Logo | Edilceram Design Mastella Design: Innovazione e Qualità eccellente per il Futuro del Bagno Metaform Logo | Edilceram Design Metaform: Design Italiano e Qualità Superiore per il Tuo Bagno Mutina Logo | Edilceram Design Mutina: Espressione Creativa nel Mondo delle superfici Myyour Logo | Edilceram Design Myyour: Design e Funzionalità per Arredamenti Esterni e Interni Nicolazzi Logo | Edilceram Design Nicolazzi: Artigianato Italiano di Prestigio per Rubinetteria di Lusso Oter Logo | Edilceram Design Oter: Soluzioni di Fissaggio e Staffaggio per Ogni Esigenza Paffoni Logo | Edilceram Design Paffoni: Stile e Qualità nella Rubinetteria per il Tuo Bagno Rak Logo | Edilceram Design Rak Ceramics: Design Moderno per Sanitari Rexa Logo | Edilceram Design Rexa Design: Il Bagno che Riflette la Tua Identità Ritmonio Logo | Edilceram Design Ritmonio: Rubinetteria di Design Made in Italy Salvatori Logo | Edilceram Deisng Salvatori: Artigianto di lusso made in italy per il Bagno Stella logo | Edilceram Design Stella Rubinetterie: L'eccellenza del made in italy per il Tuo Bagno Tece Logo | Edilceram Design Tece: Placche di Comando Oltre l'Ordinario Thg Paris Logo | Edilceram Design THG Paris: Eleganza Francese nel Lusso del Bagno Toto Logo | Edilceram Design Toto: Oltre l'Ordinario nel Mondo dei Sanitari Tubes Logo | Edilceram Design Tubes Radiatori: Design e Innovazione nel Riscaldamento Domestico Valdama Logo | Edilceram Design Valdama: Eleganza Italiana nel Design di Lavabi e sanitari in Ceramica Victoria Albert Logo | Edilceram Design Victoria Albert: Vasche da Bagno d'eleganza


We can provide you with a one-stop supply service. Indeed our brand portfolio is really wide and conists of more than 100 made-in Italy top design brands.

So we can supply a lot of high-end goods suited for building or renovation projects, such as: 

Moreover, we will be your partner in direct contact with the manufacturing factories, so we will be able to constantly provide you with updates related to ongoing orders, or technical support before and after sales.

Our supplies go always under the official manufacturer's warranty. In case of faulty items, we are going to directly deal with the manufacturers for getting replacements or taking all the necessary actions from case to case.


Dedicated library

We have developed a library including our brands' catalogs (the access is granted only to Business partners)


Interior & Outdoor Design Service

If you mean to get detailed proposals including our brands during the project phase for your customers' spaces, we can support you with this. Feel free to share your quoted plants and layouts with us in order to get support.

Interior & Outdoor Design Service

If you mean to get detailed proposals including our brands during the project phase for your customers' spaces, we can support you with this. Feel free to share your quoted plants and layouts with us in order to get support.

we have developed a library including our brands' catalogs (the access is granted only to Business partners)


We usually establish fixed purchasing conditions after a first supply. 

It's worth saying that we usually do not operate with MOQ.

The B2B partners will be enjoying a longer return right of 30 days.


Your goods can be properly stored and warehoused in our logistics hub where the purchasing orders are fulfilled (internal handling, storage, preparation, and distribution of them).


We have proven experience in managing International supplies (with door delivery all over the world). Indeed we have been attending to plenty of customers from all over the world all over the last 15 years.

So we can offer plenty of shipment solutions ( both B2C and B2B options) under almost all of the Incoterms and, for each one you will be able to track the goods all along their way to your address:

- BtoB air freight or sea freight services (under all the Incoterms options such as CIF,DAP)

- Air freight express service

Intermodal shipping service (i.e. truck + railway with various destinations during the China route)


If we are in charge of managing the logistics, we can handle all of the customs procedures (you will just have to settle your country's import duties and/or taxes) unless you go for cheaper solutions (that do not entail the custom procedures clearing and/or the door delivery). And even then we are able to share contacts of brokers dealing with the customs procedures on-site.

If the supply goes under ex-Works' terms and we are not in charge of managing the logistics, we are always available to share the needed set of docs. with the forwarder in charge of the pick-up at our premises.


The B2B partners will be enjoying a longer return right of 30 days.


We usually propose turnover-related bonuses for the financial year to come, based on the achieving of the agreed sales targets through the purchasing orders of specific brands in our portfolio.


Can I buy ex-Vat?

Your purchasing orders with us will go always Vat-free.

Once the goods will be reaching your country customs duty office, you shall be charged with your country's import duty and/or Vat.
We strongly advise you to hear the nearest custom duty office in order to be properly informed about it by the local authorities.

If the supply goes under ex-Works' terms and your forwarder will be in charge of the pick-up at our premises, the purchasing order will be Vat-exempted and you must share the MRN doc by forwarder reporting our commercial invoice number and the value of the good.
Otherwise, we will be forced to charge the recipient with 22% Italian Vat.

If the commercial invoice will be entitled to a registered business you should be able to claim Vat back by the way.

Can i get door delivery all over the world?

Door delivery is available worldwide.
Our shipping service allows you to receive your shipment quickly and easily. We can offer numerous shipping solutions (both B2C and B2B) in almost all Incoterms, and for each of them, you will be able to track the goods all the way to your address.

What if the goods are damaged or lost?

The parcel travels properly packed and fully insured against damage or loss.
We strongly recommend to conditionally sign the parcel when it is delivered to your address, by proceeding this way, you will be fully covered in case of damages/breakages during the transportation (because we will be able to lodge a refunding complaint through it).

Can i pick the goods up by my forwarder at your premises?

If the supply goes under ex-Works' terms and we are not in charge of managing the logistics, we are always available to share the needed set of docs. with the forwarder in charge of the pick-up at our premises.

How does it work with the retun right?

We offer a longer right of return meant for our B2B partners. However, please note that the return shipping cost will be borne by the receiver. In case you would like to avail yourself of the return right , please notify us at and if necessary we can offer support by sharing all the necessary documentation

Registered Office

Address: Via Saba 2, Conversano (BA) 70014

Phone:  +39 393 9107276


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